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MARCH 2016


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CR Chart
( Canon )

Snow Villers ( heroofcocoon )
Her betrothed. He means the world to her, and she would do anything for him. However, he's from a time after her death. It is a time of adjustment for them both.

Noel Kreiss ( oracledriven )
Her best friend from home, and her partner in time. Although he has a strained relationship with Snow, Serah trusts that the two will get along eventually. He tells it to her straight, most of the time.

Paddra Nsu-Yeul ( enduringflower )
A kindred spirit, Serah feels protective over the young seeress and wants only to make Yeul have a better life here than her one at home, even despite the circumstances.

Oerba Yun Fang ( show_no_fear )
Serah doesn't know much about the mysterious woman, but is thankful for all that she has done for Serah. Serah plans on getting to know the woman better now, since they can finally interact.

Oerba Dia Vanille ( feigned )
Serah also barely knows Vanille, but Vanille's cheery disposition and care for others makes Serah want to know her more. She can't talk to the girl much due to the Pulsian living in Vandare, but is planning to visit as often as she can.
( Non-Canon )

Kieren Walker ( facings )
A room mate of Serah's. The only other person in the house with common sense, he's a breath of fresh air.

Roxas ( chosennobody )
Serah kissed him at the Advent party. Cute little kid, in her opinion.

Vietnam ( hoasen )
Met her at the Advent party. She seems very kind, and if Snow likes her, Serah does too. Plus, girl talk.

Natsumi ( natty )
Met him at the Advent party. While they don't exactly share the same morals, Serah can appreciate his lighthearted attitude.
credit: [community profile] exclusive.
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Name: Nadeline
Contact: [ profile] nadeline
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Serah Farron
Age: 21
Canon: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Canon Point: End of game (excluding Lightning's DLC)
Character Information: Here

Serah's faith in the people that surround her is what makes her different from her sister in the first game. Serah never tries to go it alone unless she absolutely feels that she must, because she knows that there are areas in which she is lacking. Where Lightning doesn't trust anyone to do anything but herself in the first game, Serah trusts that she'll survive based on her fiancee's word, and that Lightning will save her and Cocoon as well. That's an impressive amount of trust for which the failure to do so would end in the loss of millions of lives, but she has it all the same. It's the same trust she extends to Noel, Hope, and Alyssa in the second game: that, as a team, they can stop Cocoon from falling, and save Lightning, a team in which every person is necessary to complete the goal.

Serah is a person who trusts based on word alone. The most prominent examples of this are with Noel and Snow, who both make what seem to be impossible promises to her: Noel, that he'll take her to see Lightning, and Snow, who promises to help her with her Focus and to find Lightning. Serah is not a judgmental person, isn't someone who believes in making a snap judgement about a person, understanding that each person comes from their own lives and struggles. Not once does she blame Lightning for not believing her when she says she's a L'cie, or get angry at Snow for leaving her in New Bodhum for years. She's upset, yes, but she understands. This makes her more mature than most of the characters at the beginning of the first game: even in a time where anyone would understand being stressed out and angry, Serah puts on a brave face and faces the world as calmly as she can.

Serah is a free thinker, not easily influenced by outside sources without giving it proper thought. She's smart, easily able to draw connections between events with little prompting, but is unlikely to cross off any options without testing them first. Inquisitive as well, Serah can hold her own against even Hope as he talks about scientific theories that could go over anyone's head. Her confidence in her own ideas, however, can come off as stubbornness, as Serah refused to believe in anything else but Lightning being alive for three years. This also leads her to believe sources that would align with her own beliefs quite easily, such as Noel. While Noel does turn out to be trustworthy, her trust in him with no real "proof" to back him up could have been deadly, even with the small amount of doubt she had for him at the beginning. This also contributed to Snow leaving to find her sister, and while not being the deciding factor, if it had not been true, Serah would have lost her fiancé as well. Serah can also be rather rash when emotionally charged, such as when she ran off from Noel to find Snow after having a vision of Snow's death without telling him anything, or when her anger at having to fight a monster over and over again caused her to rush at the monster, which would have got her killed if her rant hadn't gotten to Hope in time, and almost did get her killed. Once she has an idea, however, it's hard to get her to change her mind, and she will fight for what she believes is right.

Serah is very self-sacrificing. When first finding out she was a Pulse L'cie, she was willing to cut everyone, including her own support system, off, in an attempt to keep them safe. When she finally meets her sister again after years of separation only to have to see her off again, Serah doesn't share her own fears with her sister, knowing that Lightning has a lot on her plate. She tries to hide her own pain of losing her fiancé and Lightning from the rest of her village, even if it's obvious, because she knows that they are busy with their own lives. And, ultimately, at the end of the second game, she's willing to give up her own life to make a future worth living in, even if she will die before she gets to see it.

Serah's a very mature woman, but she requires other people around her to power that faith that she has all the time. She probably would have had a very hard time being positive in the first game without Snow, as he was the one that gave her hope that she would survive being a Gran Pulse L'cie, as before that she had been trying to break everyone off and go alone. When he intervenes and gives her hope, though, Serah sustains it even without him, hoping that he can save her from the fal'Cie that eventually captures her. In the second game, Serah has her doubts about her sister without anything to truly prove her sister isn't in the crystal pillar but herself and her memories, even if the doubt is small, it creeps into her mind--it makes sense, considering that the society that surrounds her in this period of time assure her that she is the one that is wrong. Snow would have been the only one to believe her, and even that is after he gets visits from Lightning. While she lets him go to find her sister, Serah still had her doubts, and continues to have them until she remembers how much faith Snow put in her that her dreams were real, and that for her not to believe Noel would simply be hypocrisy. From then on, she seems to have little to no doubt that her sister is out there and alive.

Serah is independent. During the first game, it's hard to show this off, because she spends most of her time being in a crystal, but she was willing to go off to Eden to get educated, much to the dislike of her sister, because she knew that would give her the best education. Most of the second game, she fights for herself, not even despairing when she has to fight against Caius alone, and being able to hold her own with Noel at her side. She wants to find Lightning, and hated that she stayed behind when Snow went off to find her, because of this independence. This grows throughout the second game, to the point where she's not afraid of anything anymore--because she knows she can handle it on her own.

The most powerful thing about Serah is that she is in charge of herself, her fate, and that she's not afraid to take charge of any situation. As a teacher, she's very stern, not letting any student not do their homework without a lecture that comes with it. She doesn't allow Caius to scare her into going home at any point, or even Noel or Snow, because she wants to do as she says she will, and save her sister from Valhalla. Lightning can't even sway her, as a fake Lightning appears to keep her in her dream world, and she tells her that she can't stay, because that Lightning wasn't real, and that she has to keep going. She yells at Hope, even, partly out of anger for his own mistakes, and doesn't mince her words. She has strong convictions, and she sticks to them, and is true to herself at every turn.

Serah is also dedicated to the greater good. While she knew it would mean essential death for her to leave New Bodhum and find Lightning, she does it because she believes that her and her sister need to be reunited. Even as a L'cie, she's willing to give up her own safety and happiness to keep the rest of Cocoon safe, even if it means breaking her own heart. Even at the beginning of the game, she decides she wants to learn as much about Gran Pulse as possible, even though it's considered evil, because she wants to form an opinion for herself, not even trusting the people closest to her because she doesn't believe it to be true. Finally, she becomes a teacher to teach kids acceptance--to tell them why Cocoon fell, and to have them form an opinion for themselves, and not to blindly hate. This is also what fueled her continuing her journey with her visions, because she knew that even if she died, the future would be a better place if she fixed the paradoxes. This is why she is so strong, and why she believes in a better future for all.

5-10 Key Character Traits:

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? Conflicts
Opt-Outs: Merperson, Kelpie

Roleplay Sample: Here


Aug. 14th, 2015 11:11 pm
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Criticism or comments on how I play Serah? Please leave a comment here and we'll talk.


Aug. 14th, 2015 11:09 pm
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1st changeCrystals on head/arms/shoulder/back | 10/19/2015 

2nd changelegs, horn, tail, claws, ears | 1/28/2016

3rd changechange | date of change & thread link
coinscurrent: 21 | spent: 0
Permanent changes:

(Ones in parentheses are planned, but have not occurred.)
  • Weakness to sunlight.
  • Sharp, crystal protrusions shaped like an obelisk, in the same color as her crystal tear in varying lengths and sizes across her arms, shoulders, and back. The ones on her back stick out about 3/4 of a foot, and the ones everywhere else are generally smaller than that.
  • Crystals on her head along her hairline that stick out about an inch. They stop just behind her ears. .
  • Elongated, elf-like ears
  • White tail that is similar to a Persian cat's. It is roughly 2 feet long.
  • A small, rhino like horn.
  • Small, crystal bumps on her legs. They go up to her thigh.
  • (Need to feed on human flesh.)
  • (Ability to control rocks)
  • Temper. While not extremely easy to upset her, she gets angry when provoked more easily than most.


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